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ASF-UK aims to make places that are more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and are ordered and designed by the people who live in them. We are realising this vision by creating the next generation of architects and building professionals who have the skills to empower impoverished communities and help them to create better living environments. Our projects pass on essential knowledge and skills to local communities and NGOs, increasing their capacity to deliver their own construction projects.

Our actions are structured into two main programmes: Change by Design and Resilience by Design. Change by Design explores participatory design and planning as a tool for advocacy and socio-spatial transformation in informal urban contexts. Resilience by Design addresses the need for bottom up sustainable development approaches in both rural and urban areas of the global south. 

These are complemented by the crosscutting programme Challenging Practice – an independent-learning course that seeks to enable built environment professionals to engage reflexively with the challenges of international development.

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