Alongside our philosophy we have also developed a pedagogy, or approach, by testing different strategies to engage with students, professionals and communities.

We, at ASF-UK, believe that learning is most valuable when grounded in real contexts, tackling real problems and testing solutions in a hands-on way. Theory without practice can often lead to misinterpretation or misrepresentation of reality. Equally, practice without any theoretical enquiry and rigorous research can lead to over-simplification of the complex local issues.

We apply our approach predominantly through a series of national and international workshops, where students are immersed in a field-based environment working with real people and challenging contexts. No ASF-UK workshop takes place exclusively in the classroom or in the field, but rather the process of learning is always a balance of the two.

ASF-UK strives to ensure workshops do not exist in isolation but take place at a key stage or start of a project to generate ideas, energy and direction. This relies on a strong relationship with our local partners, and their capacity to take things forward once we leave.

Being involved with ASF-UK is not just an avenue for architects, but all building and environmental professionals and community place-makers. We endeavour to work with a range of people, with a variety of skills to offer, and find ways of sharing knowledge and building capacity at the same time. We are all learning together.


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