ASF AGM 2014: FLY ON THE CEILING July 8, 2014

by Beatrice Munby


I first became involved with ASF in 2010, after working for 10 months with their Indian partner SEEDS as an on-site architect/engineer/clerk of works/QS for their schools rebuilding & retrofitting project in Orissa.  However, for the last couple of years, my ASF membership has waned as I worked towards qualifying as a registered architect in the UK.  Full of ‘post-Part-3’ reflections, I decided to go along to ASF’s AGM at MUF’s office in London on Sunday 15th June, 2014.


Two years ago at the last AGM I attended, ASF were full of energy and enthusiasm, but not one person found it easy to define what ASF did.  There were many excellent ideas, workshops and projects, and HUGE amounts of time spent by dedicated volunteers – who have kept it all above water and deserve colossal credit.  There was not a clear coherent organisation that knew where it was heading in the next 5-10 years, let alone the best way to get there, but there were some key areas for action.


What a joy therefore to attend the latest AGM – these ideas have all been realised!  Not only has ASF continued to forge relationships with partners and carry out workshops in the UK and abroad, it has defined its work through two programmes: ‘Change by Design’ and ‘Resilience by Design’.  It has also worked hard to develop ‘Challenging Practice’, a course newly accredited by the RIBA that can be started by anyone (for free!) on ASF’s website, but can also be taken further through seminars, tutored submissions and internships.  They even have an expert fundraiser on their board.


Watch this space.


And FIND OUT MORE – see below for a ‘fly on the ceiling’ view of the meeting…






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