ASF at The Eden Project June 16, 2014

In 2011 ASF designed and built a post disaster bamboo shelter in the tropical biome at the Eden project which was intended to survive at least a year, however three years later and propped up in several places it was time for a refurbishment.

We first began by inspecting the bamboo and inner tube shelter and soon realised it needed rebuilding as it shortly collapsed after weight was added to the deck.  We disassembled the structure and noticed the untreated bamboo had perished more quickly than the treated where it had come into contact with water. The footings of the structure had been in direct contact with the ground and had started to rot away.  Despite this, a lot of the bamboo was still reusable.

Under each reused and new footing we put a concrete block to lift the structure and adjusted the footings to provide a level platform and structure. Using bicycle inner tubes we added extra bracing to the structure and laced the bamboo platform to the centre base framework. Bamboo pots were used to support the curved roof framework and provided a good cross structure onto which we wired the new woven bamboo lattice.  We then draped and tied new palm leaves to the lattice.

The ASF bamboo shelter at the Eden Project exhibits how, with local materials and often easily sourced materials such as inner tubes, a post disaster shelter could be achievable within a small community group.



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