ASF-UK associates facilitated Challenging Practice (Stage A Seminar) in Portugal, 8 and 9th April 2016  April 14, 2016

Following an invitation from our colleagues ASF-Portugal, ASF-UK’s associates Célia Macedo Isis Nuñez Ferrera and Lucia Caistor facilitated the first Challenging Practice Course (Stage A seminar) in Portugal.

This was a very successful weekend of reflection and discussions arising from activities, interactive scenario building and role play participatory exercises. Using Mashimoni (Kenya) and Tierra Baja (Colombia) as case studies, the group explored participatory design processes involving community and stakeholders as a way to achieve dignified housing and equitable development.

We were very happy to contribute to extend the network of ASF-International member organisations running CP courses, and thus provide more opportunities for built environment professionals worldwide wanting to actively engage in the production of habitat for the world’s most vulnerable people.

CP Portugal CP Portugal 3



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