ASF-UK host Reclaiming Regeneration: Tools and tactics for community-led development course for Citizens UK to explore community-led planning in East London September 15, 2016

On September 12th, ASF-UK’s Change by Design team delivered the first in a series of training sessions exploring regeneration processes for communities in East London. The session was part of an ASF-led short course entitled ‘Reclaiming Regeneration:Tools and Tactics for community-led development’ which will run until October 2016 with four evening sessions, and is being held for members of TELCO (The East London Communities Organisation), a local chapter of Citizens UK.

ASF-UK have been collaborating with Citizens UK since 2014, when it held a Change by Design workshop in London to explore the impact of large-scale development and regeneration on communities in and around Euston. Since then, ASF-UK has been developing a long-term strategic partnership with TELCO and the wider London Citizens network.

The purpose of the Reclaiming Regeneration: Tools and tactics for community-led development course is to build the capacity of representatives from TELCO who are experiencing rapid regeneration in their neighbourhoods, to enable them to have a greater voice in the process of change in their local area. ASF-UK are working with the participants to teach them about relevant planning practices and participatory design approaches, so that they can easily engage with built environment processes. The groups from TELCO are particularly keen to explore options for affordable housing in their areas through Community Land Trust (CLT) models.

The first session was held in Ilford, in the London Borough of Redbridge, and aimed to broaden the participants’ understanding of what ‘housing’ means, as well as outlining the importance of defining a brief. The ASF-UK team gave short presentations alongside facilitating a variety of group exercises. These enabled the group to learn about strategic briefs, unpack the notion of home and discuss the numerous values of housing in relation to social diversity. The session used the case study of Redbridge to discuss the positive and negative factors of regeneration in the area, exploring how the group can work together to influence this process.

The activities and outcomes of the short course will be brought together in a publication which will document the experiences of rapid urban change for the participants, while capturing some of the key issues raised.

The next training workshop will be held in Tower Hamlets on Wednesday 28th September.

Reclaiming Regeneration: Tools and tactics for community-led development’ is an initiative by ASF-UK’s Change by Design programme in partnership with Citizens UK / The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO), with the support of the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London and Sheffield School of Architecture, University of Sheffield.  The course is run by ASF-UK Associates Alexandre Aspan Frediani, Katie Cairns, Beatrice De Carli and Sophie Morley.




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