Challenging Practice: start Stage 1 today and sign up to do Stage 2 in November August 3, 2014

Have you heard about Challenging Practice and want to know more? Challenging Practice is specifically targeted at built environment professionals with an interest (and no prior knowledge/ experience) in the challenges that are impacting on the human development of billions of people across the world: rapid urbanisation, scarce resources, poverty, vulnerability and natural disasters to name a few.

ASF-UK is now a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, and Challenging Practice (all 4 stages) has been accredited as an RIBA Approved CPD. The course is included as part of the Core Curriculum under the theme: Where people Live: Communities, Urban and Rural Design and the Planning Process. RIBA members are obliged to obtain more than half their yearly CPD total from this set syllabus.






The course is divided into four stages: a free theoretical online introduction, a two-day seminar designed to enable participants to reflect on their knowledge, a practical workshop or internship, and finally a deeper online course. Read more
Stage 1 is a free introductory online course, which provides an initial overview of the knowledge required to engage with vulnerable groups in an urban context. This first stage of the course is divided into 12 modules – which you can read online through the Challenging Practice website, under the tab 1 | INTRODUCTION (or you can download each module as a pdf which is available in English, French and Spanish at the start of each module on the blog). At the end of each module/chapter there are some core readings. To supplement the text we suggest some additional readings or films.
The whole introductory course should take approximately 50 hours to complete (for first language english speakers), including core readings and videos. In order to pass Stage 1 you need to complete the evaluation form for each module.
Click here to register for Stage 1, and then click here to start Stage 1 through the Challenging Practice website.
Already registered for Stage 1 of Challenging Practice: essentials for the social production of habitat?
If so, you can now register for Stage 2, a weekend seminar to enable participants to reflect on their knowledge from Stage 1 through case studies and facilitated discussions and interactive scenario building and role plays.
ASF-UK will host seminars twice a year and the next one is in on 15-16th May 2014 in London, read more here and book your place.



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