Change by Design returns to Latin America! March 29, 2013

Change by Design Ecuador 2013: Imagining the ‘Buen Vivir’ Neighbourhood through Participatory Design

Recently, Ecuador has been guiding its development through the indigenous philosophy of ‘Buen Vivir’ or Good Living (sumak kawsay in Kichwa). This notion advocates for a collective well-being based on social organisation, solidarity and respect for nature. In this context of change and progressive visions, ASF-UK and two Ecuadorian grassroots organisations are teaming up to explore new spatial imaginations for the Buen Vivir Neighbourhood, building on action-research tools and design tactics at the house, neighbourhood and city scale developed in previous workshops in Brazil & Kenya.

The first part of the workshop will engage with the community of Los Pinos, a recent occupation that is in the process of developing an upgrading plan. Its population of different ethnic backgrounds and its unique location within the proximity of several natural resources, has posed the challenge of finding a balance between upgrading the built environment, addressing group differences and finding a sustainable coexistence with its natural surroundings. The workshop will use participatory design to facilitate a process of integrated slum-upgrading that can guide the development of Los Pinos for the short and long term.

The second part of the workshop will develop as a design charrette in the settlement of Atucucho, a consolidated informal settlement in Quito. Atucucho has been the pioneer of complex participatory strategies, including the first Neighbourhood Government Structure (GBN) in Quito and a Community Development Bank managed and owned by the residents. This charrette will use the Change-by-Design approach to propose projects integrated with the social and economic strategies pioneered by Atucucho and based on a design brief developed in advance by the GBN, the residents and SCIBE/ASF-UK members working on the ground.

The workshop will also engage local students/professionals alongside the international participants and will host a city-wide symposium and several visits to other organised informal settlements.

Join us throughout these two weeks to explore participatory design as a relevant tool for advocacy and socio-spatial  transformation!


Where?  Quito, Ecuador

When? 10th-24th August 2013

Application deadline: 15th May 2013

To apply, contact: changebydesign@asf-uk.org

How much? £750 Includes all meals, accommodation and organised travel for 2 weeks (flights and airport pick-up not included)


Change by Design Facilitators:

Isis Nuñez Ferrera | SCIBE, ASF-UK

Alexandre Apsan Frediani | DPU – UCL

Matthew French | ASF-UK

Naomi Shinkins | ASF-UK


With the support of:

The Bartlett | Development Planning Unit – UCL

SCIBE Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment 


Resources on previous Change by Design workshops:

  • Kenya 2011 and Brazil 2009-10





  • UN-Habitat World Urban Forum Training, Naples 2012



For updates on local partners and the communities we are working with, find us in Facebook:



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