Global Mamas Fair Trade Zone in Ghana July 26, 2013

ASF-UK Associate, Sophie Morley, is facilitating a project in Ghana with Global Mamas to realise their goal of creating a fair trade textile campus ‐ a centre of production, training, and empowerment. The task is to embody Global Mamas’ ethos of woman’s empowerment through the design process, materiality and construction of the textile campus, ‘resourceful and innovative’ being the guiding concept. Global Mama’s wants to utilise participatory design principles to create an inclusive environment for staff and visitors.

The Fair Trade Zone will incorporate all of the necessary elements for Global Mamas to continue to produce their highly demanded African textile products, create employment for 200 new women, while remaining sensitive to its environmental footprint and cultivating an atmosphere that fosters learning, healthy living and team work. The campus plan also allows room for expansion in textile production as well as other growing markets like skin care products.

During the summer of 2013 a team of local and international architecture students will be working with Global Mamas and led by ASF-UK to develop a design, the process will be recorded in this blog.



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