Invisible Flock performance: Bring the Happy October 5, 2014

Recently I went to a performance called ‘Bring the Happy’. It was a show – of sorts – derived from asking people to map, describe and rate a happy memory. How wonderful, I thought, to be able to spend your time recording and celebrating the ‘good stuff’. Turns out half the audience were in tears by the end and even a seemingly positive question, can be intrinsically linked to an element of sadness if that precious part of your life changes.

Everyday I work trying to involve people in change that is happening in the area around them. Change is inherently difficult; it alters those things precious to us. Sometimes it seems for the better, sometimes for the worse and always challenging. It was just nice to have a unexpected reminder that, regardless of context, a means to feel more in control of that change can be hugely valuable. And here’s raising a glass to taking a little while out to remember the good stuff too!

Here’s their website and link to the map – http://www.invisibleflock.co.uk/bringthehappy/


Amanda Walker
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