Resilience by Design: Bungamati I Nepal I 2016



ASF-UK’s RbD programme, ASF Nepal and UN-Habitat are working with a multidisciplinary group of volunteers to support the ongoing post-earthquake reconstruction process in Bungamati, a badly-damaged historic town in the Kathmandu Valley with a wealth of traditional architecture, public spaces, heritage and cultural legacies.

During this workshop, volunteers will learn and work alongside the residents and 15 community architects  and engineers, by co-designing reactivating strategies for three neighbourhood clusters in Bungamati, focusing on design, planning and building techniques. Each cluster is composed by distinct housing typologies, social and spiritual public spaces, as well as cultural practices. The strategies will then be discussed with the municipality  and  the different stakeholders involved in the larger reconstruction  programme of the Kathmandu Valley.

Check out the progress of this workshop via the blog link : http://rbdnepal2016.wordpress.com

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Skills : Resilience By Design

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