Change by Design I Kenya I 2011

Like many developing countries, Kenya faces a considerable challenge of slums, a challenge that is growing by the day. In Nairobi, the capital, millions of people live in small, unhealthy, relatively expensive, tin and iron shacks with little or no tenure security which exacerbates their poverty and socio-political marginality. While slum upgrading programmes which aim to improve the social, economic, and environmental conditions exist in Kenya, they currently provide little to no opportunity for slum dweller participation. How can slum dwellers be meaningfully involved in slum upgrading as active agents of change, rather than beneficiaries of top-down ‘improvement’ projects? How can we build urban environments that are not only more responsive to slum dwellers’ tangible built environment needs and aspirations but also reduce their socio-economic vulnerability and empower them to claim their right to the city?

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