Resilience by Design – June Update June 19, 2017

ASF-UK is back in Bungamati, Nepal, working with the community of Chohel Nani following three months community engagement and a multi-disciplinary ‘Resilience by Design’ workshop in September 2016.

Many thanks to ARUP who have offered a £10,000 donation from the Arup Disaster Relief Fund for the next phase of the Resilience by Design Nepal project. The team are very grateful for the support from ARUP which will be utilised to develop the project in the coming months to provide developmental support both on-site in Nepal and remotely from the UK. The team are also extremely grateful for the on-going support by ASF-Nepal who are facilitating a great deal of the work undertaken.

The Resilience by Design Team are focused on providing assistance to the community at Bungamati, in the Lalitipur District in Nepal, south of Kathmandu, which was severely affected by the 2015 earthquake in the region. Teamed in a vital partnership with ASF-Nepal, ASF-UK are providing technical and fundraising support to the team working with the local community.

Stage 1 of the project consisted of an international workshop in September 2016, whereby participants worked with the local community to co-design strategies for rebuilding and revitalising spaces in the post-disaster environment. The neighbourhood of Chohel Nani was identified for a potential pilot programme to develop reconstruction strategies.

ASF-UK are currently in stage 2 of the project, and have recently welcomed three new UK-based associates who joined the team in February 2017. The team are also in the process of recruiting two Nepal-based volunteers to continue working with the community in Chohel Nani. Their role is to continue to gather information and provide general support in developing the ideas and aspirations of the community.

The Resilience by Design Team have several exciting events on the horizon, including:

  • Development of a London based interactive session in conjunction with the Challenging Practice ASF team
  • An evening event, discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the team in Nepal
  • An international workshop with a mixture of international and local participants, who will be building on the information collected by the previous workshop to provide more developed and focused assistance relating to reconstruction within the community of Chohel-Nani.

The nature of assistance provided to the neighbourhood of Chohel-Nani will be determined by the ongoing community consultation process, however we hope to develop a prototype strategy for a community structure which will provide cultural and community facilities, whilst also offering the opportunity for local people to learn vital skills for reconstructing their own homes. A key focus for the team and the community is the preservation of local heritage, via architectural typology, allowing the community to develop safer, modern homes which reflect the historic setting which was so badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake.



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