This month’s evening session… August 16, 2013

This ASF evening session @ Foxcroft & Ginger (06.08.13) was in collaboration with Architecture for Humanity (AFH), a volunteer non-profit organisation set up to promote architecture and design to seek solutions to global social and humanitarian crisis. What has brought together our two organisations has been the involvement of teams from both charities at The World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival (WOMAD) 20th – 28th July, a week of collaboration, designing, building and enjoying world music.

The evening started with a chat about the WOMAD workshop and followed onto a discussion of where the two organisations differed and overlapped as a means for potential future collaboration.


When the teams arrived (ASF, Architrek, CAT and Architecture for Humanity) they were presented with a pile of reclaimed materials and a plot of land to construct an element for the festival. The designs progressed and the spaces began to grow from all four corners, it was not until Monday that the ASF’s l’Atelier (workshop) space really began to develop with the construction of a rammed earth wall. Hazel tree structures began to grow either side of the wall, and hazel tree trusses went up to support a tarpaulin roof. The ASF space was a free flowing craft space, people came, inhabited the space while collaborating to develop the workshop atmosphere and left their mark.


From Thursday 8th our ASF members fly out to Quito, Ecuador to begin the Change By Design workshop for more information, http://www.asf-uk.org/change-by-design-equador.

Charlie Palmer one of our ASF community memebers, leaves St Pauls on the 17th August to cycle 2000 miles from London to Rome to raise funds for ASF.

Bryony Preston




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