This month’s evening session… September 15, 2013

Our last evening session (Tuesday 3rd September@ the Royal Festival Hall) was combined with Architecture for Humanity which was rather successful. We discussed similarities and differences of the organisations to understand where we both could potentially collaborate on future projects, whereby both organisations can fulfil their similarities and thrive in their differences.

Through the conversation it emerged, a similar way of operating occurred; likeminded groups of volunteers came together with an idea, source funding and conceptualise the idea to gain outcomes of learning through capacity building workshops.

By discussing projects and the organisation, Architecture Sans Frontieres was described as focusing on the process of developing the ideas, taking architecture beyond the object allowing it to become a discussion. Whereas Architecture for Humanity appeared to be more about conceptualising the idea, their project the Remakery expresses this: it is a co-operate developing shared work and educational spaces where re-using, recycling and repairing is the focus.


Architecture Sans Frontiere members came back from Ecuador and we are all excited to hear about their experience in next evening session in October.

Charlie made it to Rome! Cycling approximately 2000 from London to Rome, to raise funds for ASF.

ASF and AFH  continue the dialogue with an aim for future collaboration.

Bryony Preston



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