Upcoming Change by Design workshop in London May 18, 2014

ASF-UK is happy to announce the 5th installment of the Change by Design workshops. In September 2014, ASF-UK will be teaming up with Citizens UK and diverse groups of local stakeholders to explore the impact of large-scale development and regeneration in London on local communities. Building on participatory design tools developed in previous Change by Design workshops in Brazil, Kenya and Ecuador, we will be generating community designed scenarios which seek to bring about positive outcomes of the proposed High…

Upcoming Resilience by Design workshop in Colombia May 12, 2014

ASF-UK is happy to announce an upcoming Resilience by Design workshop in Cartagena, Colombia in September 2014. The Resilience by Design methodology addresses the need for bottom up sustainable development approaches that respond to the many interrelated risks facing disadvantaged communities. The focus area of our upcoming workshop is the area of Tierrabaja in La Boquilla, on the outskirts of Cartagena, an area is characterised by the presence of a unique mangrove ecosystem and inhabited by Afrocolombian groups who hold…

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