We exist to promote justice and defend the fundamental human right to an adequate standard of living for all. 

The atrocities that continue to unfold in Gaza are some of the most stark violations of this right that we see in the world today. 

We condemn terrorist violence unequivocally, including that perpetrated by Hamas, and express our deep solidarity with all civilians affected by the violence that continue to unfold in the region.

It is also clear to us that the current conflict is a result of long-term settler colonialism at the hands of the Israeli government and their allies, including the UK government. We recognise that Israel's apartheid against Palestinians is the most evident form of repressive spatial politics. We believe it is our duty as part of the Sans Frontières movement to bear witness to such repression and to call for an end to the brutal occupation that Palestinians have endured for decades.

We stand today with colleagues, families and friends in calling on governments in the UK to support a ceasefire in Gaza and for justice as a necessary precursor to peace.

Architecture Sans Frontières UK is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1123786.
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