Location: Freetown Sierra Leone
Programme: Change by Design
Project partners: Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC), University College London Development Planning Unit
Activities: Advocacy/Learning and Capacity Building/Socio Technical Support
Project Title: Development of Settlement Profiles and Community Action Area Plans using Change By Design
Team: Sophie Morley, Beatrice Di Carli, Charles Wright, Niki Sole, Tamara Kahn, Louisa Orchard, Francesco Pasta
Cover Image: Luis Gama

In the second phase of the Change by Design programme in Freetown, we have supported SLURC to create Settlement Profiles which can be used by communities and built environment professionals as an evidence base for informed decision making on the development of communities.

Through the second phase of the programme, we have also facilitated an international workshop and two local training workshops. A key focus in 2019 was to understand how information is shared and establish effective communication techniques to improve the dialogue between communities and the city in Freetown. From this we have developed a toolkit to support urban practitioners and communities facilitate further informal settlement profiling efforts.


·       1 international workshop
·       3 training workshops
·       1 long-term field volunteer socio technical support placement
·       3 short-term field volunteer socio technical support placements
·       2 completed and 1 emerging Community Action Area Plans
·       3 emerging settlement profiles
·       1 instant report on communication methods
·       1 emerging settlement profiling toolkit
·       Over 3000 volunteer hours


The role of Community Action Area Planning (CAAP) in expanding the participatory capabilities of the urban poor

Image Credit: Luis Gama
Image Credit: Luis Gama
Image Credit: Luis Gama
Image Credit: Luis Gama

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