Our philosophy as an organisation has evolved as we have defined the gap within architectural education and practice, and recognised that good intentions alone do not result in good practice!

- We believe strongly that local communities and local built environment professionals should be determining their own development, and any external players should be building capacity and helping to facilitate the change needed.

- The problems we are tackling are so complex that it needs a very clear methodology of engagement to begin to unravel constraints and opportunities for action

-We are redefining the boundaries of our work as the typical approach to developing a building project is not appropriate in the contexts of vulnerability in which we often find ourselves.

-We prefer to develop replicable and adaptable methodologies rather than solutions to problems.

-We think that working only in teams of built environment practitioners is problematic and we need to include all sorts of additional people and disciplines in the way we work and engage.

-We work everywhere! The levels of vulnerability, marginalisation and disparity between the rich and poor is on the rise and we cannot ignore what we learn from all the contexts and how this information might be relevant to places
closer to home.

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