London Harvest Workshop: London I UK I 2008 May 16, 2008

The Harvest Workshop in East London was part of a Bovis Lend Lease Be Onsite and City Fringe endeavour and formed part of the Introductory Certificate in a Construction course offered by Education & Youth Services (EYS) and SkillsGain. Over three days participants worked with Cesare Peeren (2012 Architecten) and Jeni Burnell to harvest and build inventive furniture and fixtures made from locally salvaged ‘waste’ materials. The workshop gave participants a new perspective of what is perceived as ‘waste’. It…

Human Habitat and Social Responsibility: Oxford Conference 2008: Oxford I UK I 2008 May 16, 2008

ASF-UK’s forum at the Oxford Conference considered the intertwining of studies in Human Settlement with the broad theme of Social Responsibility, emphasising international development. Integrating very different strands of professional, academic and independent activity; from planning to ethnography and from global networking to participatory activism: the topic presented challenges to educational debate, blurring the boundaries between practice and research. Download a pdf >>

Fragile Seams Exhibition and Talk Series I London I UK I 2007 December 17, 2007

ASF-UK were invited by the RIBA Trust to design an installation for Florence Hall.  The brief was to construct an installation that captured the themes of poverty and create a space which would engage architects and audiences, raising their awareness, and encourage involvement in tackling the lack of adequate housing affecting over a sixth of the world’s population.  The installation was designed to create an impact, act as a point of engagement with a physical and sensory experience conceptually and…

Sustainable Livelihoods and Social Enterprise: The Eden Project, Cornwall I UK I 2007 May 18, 2007

Poverty reduction remains one of the key goals of international development. Today, it is recognised that reducing poverty has much to do with building the assets of vulnerable communities. It is these assets that serve as a buffer to the shocks and stresses of daily life and are a way of ensuring more sustainable livelihoods. Spotting opportunity to develop local enterprise depends on each individual situation and potential skills and resources; however one almost universal resource is waste.  The reuse…

Re-Cover(y): London Architecture Biennale, London I UK I 2006 May 18, 2006

ASF-UK participated in the LAB06 programme with the intention of designing and building something in an underutilised square within central London.  The aim of the installation was to demonstrate: how peoples’ interactions with the city and its built environment are changing, to raise awareness about issues of development, society and sustainability in relation to urban settlement. Download a pdf >>

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