Change by Design

Change by Design unites a series of workshops and seminars developing and disseminating a participatory design methodology with the objective to contribute to the empowerment of urban marginalised groups and communities.

The programme is concerned with advancing the thinking and practice of participatory design in ways that contribute to the democratisation of city-making and to addressing urban socio-spatial inequalities. Activities focus on contested urban sites such as informal settlements and inner city areas that have been earmarked for regeneration, both in the Global South and the UK. Through its commitment to action learning and knowledge co-production, Change by Design uses urban design and planning skills to support community groups in developing plans and strategies that foster the production of more just cities.

In 2015/2016, the Change by Design programme focused on the development of long-term collaborations with civil society partners, with the objective to enhance the impact and sustainability of its activities. Two strategic partnership documents were produced, one focusing on activities in London with Citizens-UK, and one building on the relationship with Development Action Group in Cape Town, South Africa.

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