Dr. Beatrice De Carli

Beatrice is an urban designer and a teaching fellow at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, where she co-leads a research based studio at the MA in Architectural Design. She completed her architectural studies at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, including a PhD in Architecture and Urbanism developed in collaboration with the University of Leuven, Belgium (2011). She has experience in education, research and consultancy undertakings in Italy, Belgium, Egypt, Kenya and Ecuador. Both as an academic and practitioner, her work focuses on the socio-spatial dimensions of design in the urban contexts of Europe and the global South.

Prior to relocating to the UK in 2013, Beatrice has been active in ASF-Italy for several years. Recently she has been appointed Vice Chair at ASF-International and Associate at ASF-UK, where she is part of the team developing the independent learning programme ‘Challenging Practice: Essentials for the Social Production of Habitat’ and co-facilitated the ‘Change by Design’ workshop undertaken in Quito, Ecuador, in August 2013.

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